Our Teachers

Our teachers are patient and passionate about helping you improve your English. They are native English speakers who are experienced and qualified to teach English. We have taught students from around the world so have extensive experience teaching English to multinational, multilingual learners.


Our Students

Our multinational, mulicultural  students are from Africa, Asia, Middle East, South America and Europe. We love meeting new people and it’s always exciting having a blend of learners from around the globe.

Our students come from all walks of life: 

– children, teenagers and young adults preparing for university admission 

– working adults ranging from junior staff to senior level managers, directors, business people and CEOs

– foreigners visiting or living in South Africa

– ambassadors, diplomats, officials

– busy parents, people looking for better job prospects, and more…


Our Courses

Our courses are designed to help you improve your English from the very first lesson. Perhaps you’d like to improve your English to develop your conversational ability, to enable you to communicate better in the workplace or maybe you’d like to prepare yourself for better job opportunities. Whatever your reasons, we can help you develop your skills in General English, Business English, Conversational English as well as prepare you for international exams such as IELTS and TOEFL. We are the best in designing and customizing English courses to meet your individual or corporate language development needs.

Start your journey of personal and professional development with our  tailored face to face or Online courses.

Proficiency Level Assessment

Before you commence your programme, it’s important to assess your current level of proficiency in English. Our comprehensive assessment helps us better understand your unique language development needs.

Commence your Course

Once we’ve determined your current level of proficiency and discussed a timetable to suit your availability you’ll be ready to commence your classes.

International English Proficiency Examinations

Interested in taking things to the next level? Perhaps you’re considering moving abroad for work, studies or emigration? Our sought after IELTS and TOEFL exam preparation programmes will help you achieve the scores you need to realise your dreams.

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Upgrade your skills and confidence with an English improvement course suited to your specific language development needs.

Customised English programmes for foreign language speakers, local individuals and companies. 

Beginner to Advanced levels       I    Part-time     I     Start at any time     I     Available throughout the year

Improve your Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening skills    I    Develop your Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation


One-to-One (part-time)

Who should attend: 

Suitable for both second language speakers as well as foreign language speakers, our one-to-one lessons can be customized to individual or group needs.

About the course:

Part-time one-to-one classes are available throughout the year and can be started at any time.

The following programmes are all offered on a one-to-one basis:

  • General English
  • Business English
  • English for Young Learners
  • Conversational English
  • IELTS exam preparation
  • TOEFL exam preparation 
  • Customised courses for individuals and companies

One-to-one classes incorporates grammar, reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary and  pronunciation so that you develop all of your language skills holistically.

We structure your timetable around your availability so you can choose day time classes (before 5pm) or evening classes (after 5pm).

We also have Saturday morning classes.

We recommend at least 2 classes per week to ensure steady progress.

You can have as many classes per week as you like (2,3,4,5+ classes).

Each class is 2 hours in duration.


There is no prescribed duration for one-to-one courses, it is based on your language needs and level. We will advise you of this. 

English Improvement Course (part-time group)

Who should attend: 

This course is designed for South African second language speakers of English who need to improve and polish their English skills.

About the course:

The part-time EIC group course runs for 8 weeks. Classes take place as follows:

Saturdays   :   9am to 12pm

The course focuses on improving English grammar in order to improve spoken and written communication.

Designed to provide you with a foundation in English grammar including teaching you how and when to use the present, past and future tenses, use of prepositions, spelling rules, paragraphing, use of punctuation, etc.

Course dates:

This course is offered based on student demand for it, so please enquire about course dates. 


English as a Foreign Language

(EFL part-time group) 

Who should attend:

Perfect for our foreign language learners as it provides a good English immersion experience.

About the course:

The part-time EFL group course is a comprehensive 120 hour immersion course offered over 10 weeks. Classes take place three days a week:

Mondays  I Wednesdays  I Fridays 9am to 1pm

Six levels of proficiency – beginner to advanced.

Course dates:

This course is offered based on student demand for it, so please enquire about course dates. 

Student Testimonials

from around the world

sa flag
“more than just an English course”

Joy Mandisa Peters, South Africa

“The course has not only improved my English but has given me confidence I didn’t know I possess. Despite the fact that I had a journalism qualification, I would still be nervous each time I had to write anything in English or even speak in public. The course gave me the boost I needed in my everyday use of the language. It has unearthed skills I probably was too nervous to tap into or was not bold enough to manifest in my career. As a result, I wrote my first opinion letter, which was published in some of the country’s biggest mainstream newspapers. I am so grateful to everyone at Essential English! The teachers were amazing-always willing and ready to assist. The confidence boost it has given is invaluable and I’m forever grateful to Nazlee and her team. To me, the course was more than an English course, it was a self-improvement course. No words can fully describe the change in my communication and perception of the English language. It’s incredible! Thank you very much!”

Bright student, Tercio from Angola
“My Son’s performance was more than I expected”

Agostinho, Angola

“This piece of writing is about my satisfaction concerning the good teaching level of Essential English. I am from Angola and last year I sent my son Tercio to study the higher education in Johannesburg, South Africa, but before that he had to learn English so I looked for good English schools and I found Essential English and decided that my son should study there. During his study at Essential English, my son used to keep me in touch with the teaching procedures of this school, and how friendly the people there are, especially the principal, Ms Nazlee. My Son’s performance was more than I expected due to the big variety of teaching strategies used in Essential English School, his marks were great and I was pleased to see that.In less than one year my son began to speak English fluently and now he is studying his first year at Midrand Graduate Institute and he does not have any difficulties to understand English.Given the good results, even I, Agostinho, and more five colleagues want to start our English lessons in this school, for business purposes because I recommended people in my company to learn English there. Otherwise, following my example, my friend and colleague, Domingos enrolled his daughter, who is starting her English Course just in March.”

“One to one training helped me to improve my English”

 Berrin, Turkey

“It was a great experience for me to follow a foreign language course for the first time in a different country. One to one training helped me to improve my English in a very short time. Especially my teachers’ support and experience were really effective. I thank all of my teachers for everything and I strongly suggest everyone to go to Essential English.”

Lovely Angela from Brazil


“teachers are very friendly and enthusiastic”

Angela, Brazil

“The English course is focused on my needs either for work, business as well as daily issues. The methodology works on my listening, writing and speaking, with special attention on correct pronunciation and accent. At times, the scope is reviewed, considering my improvements and if necessary, redefined according to the new issues I think I have to work on.It is very easy to find the school, it is located in a central area. The classes are performed in very nice, light and charming rooms and the teachers are very friendly and enthusiastic and it makes the classes pleasant and dynamic. Beyond the classes, the school promotes outside activities on the weekends in order to integrate the students and bring more opportunities to speak and develop the language skills. It helps me in learning English, knowing South Africa, having fun and meeting other people from different countries and cultures.My English skills have improved a lot and consequently it has brought more confidence for communication in a general way. By the time, all my goals have been reached and I strongly recommend the school for all people who want to learn and improve the English language.”

french flag
“It was the best experience in English that I’ve had”

Laure, France

“My experience at the Essential English School was really great for a lot of reasons. When I arrived in South Africa it was difficult for me to write and speak English fluently. I knew only my husband and nobody else. I decided to take some English lessons to improve my level. After an assessment to know my level I took some classes one by one with a good and nice teacher to complete my Pre-Intermediate level. I passed it quickly. Then, it was proposed that I take six weeks of English lessons in a group. At the beginning to work in group was a little bit scary for me because I did not like to speak in front of people. I accepted to try and it was the best experience in English that I’ve had . I met a really nice teacher and two other students. It was interesting to work in a group with different people. One of them came from Poland, one from Brazil, the teacher from South Africa and myself from France.  I improved my English in reading, writing, listening and speaking and I found some really good friends.  I would like to thank Nazlee for her availability and kindness. Thanks to all teachers who were really responsible for my progress. Thanks for my friends to be still present. Doing this English experience was a good socialization booster and was really helpful to start a new life in South Africa.”

Jesus from Spain


“I feel my English is improving every day”

Jesus, Spain

“My name is Jesus and I’m from Spain. I am in South Africa for work and when I arrived here I couldn’t speak English. I needed to learn English quick, because my job and relations depended on this. I was lucky to find Essential English, because 4 months later I feel my English is improving every day, and I can talk to people without problem. Although I appreciate not only improved my language, but for some teachers who were able to show their support in good times and bad times, being the professionalism and friendship the 2 most important things that I found in Essential English.”