One-to-one Fee Information




Our one-to-one is a personalized, tailored programme for anyone interested in improving their English language skills. We adapt our training methods and customize our training to individual or group needs to provide a targeted, effective programme that provides maximum benefit to our learners. 

About our programmes:

·         Part-time one-to-one classes are available throughout the year and can be started at any time. 

·         General English (GE), Business English (BE), Conversational English (CE), English for Academic/Specific Purposes (ESP), IELTS and TOEFL exam preparation courses 

          as well as classes for Young Learners (YL) are all offered on a part-time one-to-one basis (small groups available upon request).

·         Lessons include grammar, reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary and  pronunciation so that you develop all of your language skills holistically.

·         We do our best to structure your timetable around your availability with a choice of day time classes (before 5pm) or evening classes (after 5pm). We also have 

          Saturday morning classes. Of course, we also have to check our availability and we do our best to match this with your preferred timing requests.

·         We recommend at least 2 classes per week to ensure steady progress and to avoid long breaks between lessons.

·         You can have as many classes as you like (2,3,4,5+ classes per week).

·         Each class is 2 hours in duration.

·         There is no prescribed duration for one-to-one programmes as it is based on your language needs and level.

o   Students can exit their programme once they’ve completed the levels they wish to achieve and/or once they feel their confidence and ability to use English has reached a level they’re satisfied with.

o   For foreign language students who are interested in completing levels and receiving level completion certificates, a minimum number of hours is required in order to meet the requirements of the programme (80 – 120 hours)


Fees for classes which take place at Essential English, are:

·         Lessons before 5pm Monday to Friday @ R250 per hour per learner

·         Lessons after 5pm Monday to Friday & Saturday mornings @ R350 per hour per learner


Fees for classes which take place at Your Premises, are:

·         Lessons before 5pm Monday to Friday @ R350 per hour per learner

·         Lessons after 5pm Monday to Friday & Saturday mornings @ R450 per hour per learner

·         Cost of travel from our centre to you (eg. cost of an Uber taxi)

To give you an example of monthly course fees for One-to-one lessons at different levels of intensity (frequency), please see the table below:

(These fees are based on lessons taking place at our centre, Monday – Friday before 5pm @ R250 per hour)

Frequency per week


(based on 4 weeks per month)

Monthly Cost

(before 5pm Monday to Friday)

Course Material

2 lessons per week (4 hrs) =

8 lessons per month (16 hrs)

R4 000 per month

+ cost of Books and/or Selected material

3 lessons per week (6 hrs) =

12 lessons per month (24 hrs)

R6 000 per month

+ cost of Books and/or Selected material

4 lessons per week (8 hrs) =

16 lessons per month (32 hrs)

R8 000 per month

+ cost of Books and/or Selected material

5 lessons per week (10 hrs) =

20 lessons per month (40 hrs)

R10 000 per month

+ cost of Books and/or Selected material


·       Please note: The above table is a guide only. We can customize your one-to-one course to any number of lessons you wish to attend. You can also have more than 

        one lesson per day, eg. 4 hours/6 hours per day if you wish to have an intensive course (eg. short term visitors/travellers/business people)

·       Course material fees are: R650 for a set of course books (for foreign language learners) and R40 per lesson for selected supplementary course material (which allows 

       us to tailor the course material to your specific language development needs).

Payment options for one-to-one lessons:

1.      You can book and pay for a specific number of hours eg. 20 hours/ 50 hours/ 100 hours/ 200 hours. This way, your course is paid for upfront. We will then spread those hours 

          across the weeks and months as per the timetable you are able to commit to.

2.      You can book and pay on a monthly basis. Paying monthly means you pay according to the number of lessons you book per month. Each month, by the 25th, you will

          pay again for the next month’s lessons and so on, until you are ready to exit the programme. We require one month’s notification prior to terminating your 


Payment of Course fees:

·         Payment can be made via: EFT, Direct Deposit at FNB, Online Debit or Credit Card Payment (PayFast / PayPal).

·         Lessons are booked on the basis of availability of our teaching schedules and on a first come, first served basis. Once the hours are booked and paid you for they will be 

          reserved for you. We are unable to hold any lessons without proof of payment.

·         Once payment is received, you will receive confirmation of your booking and you are then ready to start your English course.