"The course has not only improved my English but has given me confidence I didn't know I possess. Despite the fact that I had a journalism qualification, I would still be nervous each time I had to write anything in English or even speak in public. The course gave me the boost I needed in my everyday use of the language. It has unearthed skills I probably was too nervous to tap into or was not bold enough to manifest in my career. As a result, I wrote my first opinion letter, which was published in some of the country's biggest mainstream newspapers. I am so grateful to everyone at Essential English! The teachers were amazing-always willing and ready to assist. The confidence boost it has given is invaluable and I'm forever grateful to Nazlee and her team. To me, the course was more than an English course, it was a self-improvement course. No words can fully describe the change in my communication and perception of the English language. It's incredible! Thank you very much!"



"I would like to thank Nazlee and their teachers for the dedication they have had with us and the professionalism with which they conduct their work. Learning English with them was fun. We will miss the Thursday meetings with all the students. Thank you so much for everything. A big kiss. Regards to all. Jon"

from SPAIN


"My name is Jesus and I'm from Spain. I am in South Africa for work and when I arrived here I couldn't speak English. I needed to learn English quick, because my job and relations depended on this. I was lucky to find Essential English, because 4 months later I feel my English is improving every day, and I can talk to people without problem. Although I appreciate not only improved my language, but for some teachers who were able to show their support in good times and bad times, being the professionalism and friendship the 2 most important things that I found in Essential English."

from SPAIN


"When Shoni started grade 1 last year (2011), the teachers brought it to our attention immediately that she was struggling therefore will have lots of challenges with her school work. We then took a decision to enrol her in extra classes after school to help her especially with her English and communication in general which was the main challenge at the time. Not only did Shoni start communicating a word here and there in English after enrolling with Essential English but she gained a lot of confidence. She improved so much that in the second quarter her school report was looking very different compared to the 1 quarter and we were getting nothing but good feedback from the teacher. Needless to say that at the end of the year she was awarded a trophy as big as her, thanks to Nazlee and the team at Essential English."




"The level of English language training I have received from Essential English has been fantastic, which provides me with a proper method to improve my general English.  I really enjoyed the interaction with my teacher, Helen who is good at motivating me to practice English. Most importantly, the course from Essential English makes me have interest in using English in my daily life. I am so confident in their ability to train people to speak better English."



"As I am back in Switzerland, I like to thank you for what you have done for me from November 15 until December 16 in your school, ESSENTIAL ENGLISH in Sandton, Johannesburg. I was a single student with personal lessons every day. My teacher and the school director did take care to improve my English, which was almost zero when I arrived. I was surprised myself, how much I could improve my English in such a short time. Together with the school I could visit the Nelson Mandela Shopping Centre and a park. Everything was very pleasant and I can only recommend this school to everybody. I could stay at the school grounds and live together with a family. They did accept me as a friend. They gave me a beautiful, big room with bath and shower.I wish all the best to family of Nazlee and much pleasure with the future students. This family puts much effort into a very good private school. Congratulations and kind regards, Hans"



"Attending Essential English Language School was not only incredibly fun and enjoyable, but also enabled me to improve my English skills considerably."



"Before I enrolled to study English through Essential English I was not sure, but I felt at ease as they welcomed me with a smile and all the fears and doubts went away. I was very impressed about their enthusiasm, professionalism and in-depth experience in the field of education.I also particularly enjoyed individual attention and special attention to detail at fulfilling each student's goals and needs. The opportunity has enticed me to continue and further my language skills."



"I've studied in Essential English for three weeks. When I arrived, I took a level test and after the test, they knew what my problem was and what I needed. During my course, I learnt the ins and outs of English from my teachers, so I could improve in not just speaking and grammar but also pronunciation. I really appreciate the teachers and Essential English. If I had a chance to come here again, I would come to  Essential English. I hope to become big English college. Thank you a lot. Regards Oogi"



"My experience at the Essential English School was really great for a lot of reasons. When I arrived in South Africa it was difficult for me to write and speak English fluently. I knew only my husband and nobody else. I decided to take some English lessons to improve my level. I found the Essential English School and the Director of this school was really helpful to me. She understood quickly my situation and she offered me a good deal to start. After an assessment to know my level I took some classes one by one with a good and nice teacher to complete my Pre-Intermediate level. I passed it quickly. Then, it was proposed that I take six weeks of English lessons in a group. At the beginning to work in group was a little bit scary for me because I did not like to speak in front of people. I accepted to try and it was the best experience in English that I've had . I met a really nice teacher and two other students. It was interesting to work in a group with different people. One of them came from Poland, one from Brazil, the teacher from South Africa and myself from France. During the English lessons we worked with a good English book and we shared lot of tips. I learnt a lot of things about the different cultures and of course I improved my English easier than with one by one English lessons. I took six weeks more and I passed the Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate levels. I improved my English in reading, writing, listening and speaking and I found some really good friends. I still see them every week. They are a part of my new social life in South Africa. At the same time I was looking for a job in South Africa. When some opportunities were proposed to me I decided to take some extra hours one by one to improve my skills on the phone and for interviews. It was fun and useful. I had some interviews and I found a job. I would like to thank Nazlee for her availability and kindness. Thanks to all teachers who were really responsible for my progress. Thanks for my friends to be still present. Doing this English experience was a good socialization booster and was really helpful to start a new life in South Africa."



"This piece of writing is about my satisfaction concerning the good teaching level of Essential English.I am from Angola and last year (2011) I sent my son Tercio to study the higher education in Johannesburg, South Africa, but before that he had to learn English so I looked for good English schools and I found Essential English and decided that my son should study there.During his study at Essential English, my son used to keep me in touch with the teaching procedures of this school, and how friendly the people there are, especially the principal, Ms Nazlee.My Son's performance was more than I expected due to the big variety of teaching strategies used in Essential English School, his marks were great and I was pleased to see that.In less than one year my son began to speak English fluently and now he is studying his first year at Midrand Graduate Institute and he does not have any difficulties to understand English.Given the good results, even I, Agostinho, and more five colleagues want to start our English lessons in this school, for business purposes because I recommended people in my company to learn English there. Otherwise, following my example, my friend and colleague, Domingos enrolled his daughter, who is starting her English Course just in March, 2012."

from Angola


I learned English at Essential English for three months. I didn't speak English before. I remember the first day when I did my first test, I couldn't understand English very well. It was very interesting learning English at Essential English. The methodology, the fun and the spirit made learning English a pleasure.

from Belgium


"I was struggling with my English especially when I should advertise myself at the interview or do work presentations. It was also difficult to intervene when friends are discussing interesting topics using English. During my Exams at university my lecturer used to write little notes on my script that I need to improve my English as my grammar was very poor. I decided to improve my English. Thank you to Essential English, Nazlee and team as today my English is different than before. I am able to correct myself when I speak. At Essential English we used to have discussion classes which helps us in communicating with other learners and help us to improve our listening skills. I am not yet perfect but I can tell the difference about my English and I am still going to continue to improve my English with Essential English. Thanks to the understanding, humble and patient tutors at Essential English."

from South Africa


"The English course is focused on my needs either for work, business as well as daily issues. The methodology works on my listening, writing and speaking, with special attention on correct pronunciation and accent. At times, the scope is reviewed, considering my improvements and if necessary, redefined according to the new issues I think I have to work on.It is very easy to find the school, it is located in a central area. The classes are performed in very nice, light and charming rooms and the teachers are very friendly and enthusiastic and it makes the classes pleasant and dynamic. Beyond the classes, the school promotes outside activities on the weekends in order to integrate the students and bring more opportunities to speak and develop the language skills. It helps me in learning English, knowing South Africa, having fun and meeting other people from different countries and cultures.My English skills have improved a lot and consequently it has brought more confidence for communication in a general way. By the time, all my goals have been reached and I strongly recommend the school for all people who want to learn and improve the English language."

from Brazil


"I'm very glad I met someone like you, and for spending good time studying with you. It really was a very important experience for me to improve my English in South Africa, particularly in your centre Essential English. I have to say that your personality, capability and experience are the main factors which helps your students, like me, to move forward in English. Besides, your methods and strategies are very effective. I hope to meet you again in SA or to visit me in my country."

from Jordan